CBE is a results-based belief change technology that enables individuals to identify, examine, and change limiting subconscious beliefs.

Core Belief Engineering
When Awareness Is Not Enough
By Lisa Sidorowicz, B.A., M.A., B.Ed., Certified Practitioner and Instructor


Why is conscious awareness of our issues not always enough to stop us from repeating the same irrational reactions and self-sabotaging patterns? Reading books, attending workshops, repeating affirmations and visualizations, analysing our issues and experiencing various therapies teach us to recognize certain aspects of our upbringing as the cause of many of our present difficulties, or to pinpoint specific events as turning points in our lives. While these tools have indeed increased our understanding and empowered us to observe ourselves repeating the same undesirable choices, our newfound insights may not have produced the changes that we so desire. Conscious awareness alone does not always lead to resolution or healing. Core Belief Engineering (CBE) recognizes the importance of conscious awareness but looks to the subconscious as the key to permanently resolving the core issues holding our problems in place.

Inability to effect significant, lasting change through awareness alone can be an indication of subconscious resistance. CBE views the subconscious mind as a compartmentalization of parts, each with its own talents, abilities, and fundamental core beliefs. Different parts of our subconscious were formed during childhood to help and protect us, to the best of our limited ability and understanding at the time. The core beliefs formed during childhood are embedded in our subconscious and influence our present-day thoughts, feelings, and actions. They also filter our perception, effecting how we see ourselves, others, and life itself. As adults, we have grown consciously and chronologically, but our subconscious core belief systems and oftentimes our emotional or intellectual development have remained suspended in their child states. These outdated core beliefs are still stubbornly and faithfully replicating our childhood patterns and defense mechanisms, limiting our happiness and success as adults. Once subconscious resistance is resolved, however, changes can take place.

Core Belief Engineering is an extremely effective results-based belief change technology that helps individuals identify and change limiting, outdated core belief systems hardwired in the subconscious at the root of depression, anxiety, fear, abuse, shame, helplessness, uncontrollable reactions, low self-worth, codependency, phobias, compulsions, self-destructive behaviours, etc. In day-long sessions (anywhere from 4 to 8 hours per session), individuals take the time needed to change subconscious belief systems they no longer agree with, so that their subconscious and conscious mind can work in harmony to create the life they choose today. Clients resolve contradictions within the subconscious, and experience feelings of inner strength and supportiveness. Most people report dramatic change and improved self-esteem within just a few sessions, while other more embedded conditions take longer. In addition to solving the problem, Core Belief Engineering sessions empower people to get to know their true self and become partners with their subconscious. Sessions result in expanded consciousness, more confidence, easier management of emotions, intellect and intuition, and more self-trust, respect and love.

While conscious awareness is not always enough to create the changes we seek, it is an essential first step that reflects our dedication and commitment to our own personal evolution. Core Belief Engineering draws on the brilliance and determination of the conscious mind's desire to change and uses it to resolve discrepancies within the subconscious mind. The harmonious alignment between the conscious and subconscious minds results in unimpeded forward movement, personal growth, freedom, and healing. Lasting change is possible.


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